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Do you wonder if you’re working on meaningful problems? Ready to use your technical skills to save the planet? We are running out of time to reach net zero carbon emissions and you can help!

We have identified a number of early stage climate startups that have strong domain expertise, but would greatly benefit from a traditional technical founder - a Chief Technical Officer. Climate change represents a multi-trillion dollar market opportunity ripe for disruption. Change your career, save our climate.

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“I would leave Google for the right people and the right idea.”
— senior Google engineer

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Are you starting a climate startup? We want to empower all climate startups to succeed by giving them access to the highest quality technical talent.

When two of us left our jobs as Google engineers in July 2020, half a dozen climate startups reached out and asked us to be their CTO. We realized that climate startups need people with deep experience in software engineering, but climate experts don't know a lot of these folks. And in fact, not having a climate CTO is preventing some climate start-ups from taking off.

We want to bridge this gap by finding you a climate CTO. All candidates are either from our networks, or have been vetted and screened by us.

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“I have 10+ years of experience in supply chains and manufacturing, but I am looking for a CTO. ”
— early climate founder


For individuals
What do I get by signing up?

You get matched with opportunities to become a CTO at exciting new startups, vetted by us. You can also opt in to invitations to founder events we host. To be considered, please fill out our form here.

What can I do while I wait to be matched?

Get started taking action today by finding people and resources with others in the community.

I want to be a climate CTO
For organizations
What do I get by signing up?

You potentially get access to an incredible vetted talent pool of CTO candidates. To be considered, please fill out our form here.

Is this free?

Yes. You are doing critical work for our world, and we want to empower you with great talent. Please support our parent organization if you find this service valuable.

I'm hiring a climate CTO

About Us

The Climate CTO and Climate Fellows matchmaking programs are part of the Work on Climate collective to get more people doing meaningful work in the climate space.

Climate CTO is completely pro-bono volunteer effort run by three ex-Googlers: Cassandra Xia, Jeremy Brewer, and Eugene Kirpichov.